[Sport caving with rope]

Underground adventure reserved for the most daring and curious. Discover the vertical side of the activity, with this sporty immersion in a cave from half a day. Ideal for learning or perfecting rope climbing and/or abseiling.


Underground river caving

During this extraordinary excursion, you will discover the Tantayrou cave and its exceptional underground river..

Mixing canyoning and caving, you will progress between rocks sculpted by the water, potholes and translucent water.

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Located near Sévérac-d'Aveyron, between the regional natural parks of Aubrac and Grands Causses, you will evolve in the underground river dressed as a caver and canyoneer at the same time in order to cross a small waterfall of about 4 m while resisting the fresh water!

This activity is reserved exclusively for people who are not afraid of cold water or the narrow passages in which you will have to squeeze through in order to discover the crystal-clear waters of the river!

An underground experience you won't soon forget!


Good physical condition, activity not recommended for claustrophobic people and people sensitive to cold. Moderately obese people will also not be able to access this cave due to the narrow entrance.


Helmet with lamp, neoprene and caving suit, harness, socks and neoprene top.

What to bring:

Light or tight running trousers, good trainers or hiking shoes that can get dirty, jumper, water bottle + snack

Practical information:

Limited parking space, consider carpooling.


Practical info
From 12 years old, from 40 to 95 kgs max
Half day
Tightness required, cold water
Séverac d’Aveyron (12)
From 4 to 8 people / instructor
Know how to swim and immerse yourself
50€/pers (Family price 47€)
Basket, swimming costume, snack
Online booking
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